Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ok I guess I'm the only one with something to say... here goes. Nintendo DS, not a bad gadget in all. We bought one for my wife and she loves the games (pogo island, spyro). I have tinkered with it every now and then and found that the web browser and wifi are just ok. Meaning that the browser is slow and devoid of a lot of features. Some webpages will not work no matter which mode the browser is in(mobile or full size or resize). As for the wifi, the range is insainly small so what is the point? Having said that wifi for multi play(adhoc) works fine for us.

OK now for my thoughts on a better next gen(would love to hear your thoughts too)

-better(read full featured) faster browser

-more on board storage

-productivity apps that are actualy usefull

ok this is a start. Please join us.

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