Sunday, February 7, 2010

On my 4th Blackberry Storm now :(

           What can I say other than RIM had better get their collective stuff together! I can't believe that I had to replace yet another handset just over 1 yr into my current contract with Verizon Wireless. This time I was using my phone and all of a sudden the screen went crazy, device reboots, then acts like nothing happened. An hour late does it again and this time the screen stays messed up. So I take the media card out and head out to the local Verizon store.
             They checked it out and promptly replaced the phone at no extra charge to me(two year warranty). Here is where things stand now. The replacement phone reboots when ever it (randomly) feels like it, randomly fails to recognize an installed media card, getting Java error screens or white screen of death. I really wanna like this phone, but 4 phones self destructing in one year, REALLLY?
               I have not had time to get back to Verizon with the latest device failure. I'm really just about worn out with this version of the Storm. I mean isn't this the kind of crap that class action lawsuits brought on by unhappy customers are based on? The most terrible thing is that if the phone is working properly it is awesome,but having to replace the device every 2-4 month is out of bounds. I'm hoping that this time Verizon will let me upgrade early or change to a different device. This has been a roller coaster ride from hell, when I have been fortunate to have the device working properly, I am in awe. Never had a mobile device that has been so capable combined with Verizon's expanded coverage in my state. Now that I have yet again, a crappy, newly replaced Storm, that still does not work. I'm guessing that maybe a different device is in order. Can you say ANDROID?!!!

Review on Playstation 3

               Well we have had the Playstation 3(PS3) since Christmas and no problems so far. The biggest related problem is the fact that if you are not into the cutesy games like most of the games for the Wii, or the blood and guts first person shooters, what's left. I'm left with auto racing, sports, simulators, and arcade style games. Is this enough? You bet it is. I could waste some serious time playing on the PS3. However, I wish there was more games that I would consider buying. Guess thats the breaks for 44 year old kids like me.
                The kids would like to have all the shooter games, but my wife and I decided that we would only buy games we approved of and might consider playing as well. Selfish...maybe but the compromise ended up being that if they wanted a game that we were not interested in, they would have to save their money and buy it themselves. They(our kids) have only bought one game, so far. I have bought 3 and my wife has purchased a handful of blue-ray movies and rented HD movies online. Wife also made me download her favorite classic PSone games. So all in all we are getting our moneys worth out of this console and everyone is far.