Sunday, January 10, 2010

Playstation 3 slim has arrived in Force house

Yeah..we broke down and purchased the Playstation 3 slim 120gb. This machine is awesome mostly from the visual quality of the games, I mean, come on video games in hi-def! Whats not to like. The redesign of the popular console player is very nice smaller unit and the new consumer friendlier price are a winning combo. Its setup and configuration are fast and simple. we were up and playing in about half an hour after opening Christmas day. The most time consuming step was waiting for GT 5 Prologue to install on the hard drive (about 5 minutes). After we connected everything and did a OS update, we were treated to some of the best graphics I've ever seen until now! Quality is evident all the way around with this machine..especially surprised by the wireless game controllers. Game controllers are well synced with machine no lag, great battery life and rechargeable through any USB connection. PS3 is also a wonderful Blu-ray DVD player. We have only had this console system for about 3 weeks and the only problems we have had is twice the machine started to write to the hard drive then stuck there..solved with restart. More to follow...

Still rocking BB Storm 1

Well since the last OS update for the Storm, things have gotten a lot better. The performance at more than a month after update is great. The Storm is still quick and texting is vastly improved. memory is acting much better. The improvements have made the device a pleasure to own. Having said this, the decision is in that I will be waiting for at least one more OS update on Storm 2 and I will purchase that device. The reasoning behind that is I really would benefit from wifi capabilities, more app memory, and a little more speed over all. For now I still enjoy my mp3 collection, watching movies, my twitter projects, and all the apps on my original Storm. I'll probably make the Storm 2 purchase in the next 2-3 months. You know I'll be spreading the news on the Storm 2. Yes I'm later than the other guys but my test and reviews are based on true life scenarios not a hour hands on review.