Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Gadget Alert

My wife requested an ipod touch 8GB so that's what I got her for our anniversary. I hooked it up to my itunes account and went through the setup procedures and registration. This process went flawlessly. Well, so far no complaints other than cost 179.99 at Bestbuy. That's after a price drop from 199.99. I still feel that Apple makes some of the worlds best electronics...however their prices and big brother like attitude toward the customer is something that will keep me from buying a lot of their products or services. The only way to get me on the Apple band wagon even a little bit is to release a Verizon-wireless iphone. Because the ipod we have in the house now has shown me what all the hoopla was about. Its a snappy little game player and media player. The best integrated system for buying apps,music and games I've seen so far. I wish that my BlackBerry had this type of apps/music/games service. The wifi range is good. Battery life is average but considering all the ways you can charge this device (car/laptop/wall unit) you shouldn't have too many problems. All in all a very nice experience with ipod touch 8GB version...very nice in deed. I'll keep ya posted.

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