Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Okay so I dabbled in ads on my blog..even tried to do some good, failed in a most spectacular fashion. For those of you going HUH? What happened was I posted sponsored tweets on twitter, Facebook and here on my blog. I wanted to generate money to donate to Red Cross and also some for myself to obtain a website and maintain it. The first year was not very good and the second year was next to nothing made in 6 months. So I killed the project donated what was made(all of it). After all time is money and I have very little of both, so re-prioritizing my time meant dropping some projects to finish other projects in progress.  I'm proud of my peeps and myself for trying to raise money for a very worth while cause. Our donations were small but every little bit helps. The good to come from this is that the ad clutter is gone and this blog will return to tech and the average...quote normal user experience. Hope you hang out with us and we will talk later...

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