Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Next generation BB Storm request

First of all, I need to mention that I do not speak for RIM or any part of the Blackberry development team. I speak for myself and I provide for continued discussion through this blog and other forms of social media. This post in no way is meant to convey any knowledge of forthcoming devices or software. This is simply my own attempt to start a discussion about what features, or software the next gen Blackberry Storm should have.
OK, having said all that, I would like to say that I love my Storm. It works so well at keeping me informed as well as my partners and family(see my rant posted earlier on this blog). The Storm also keeps me entertained during moments of down time. I tell you, if you don't have time or space for messing with your laptop, the storm is the next best thing to have. Well OK let's get to it.

  • As discussed in my prior rant and numerous reviews, the back lighting leaks through the function buttons and the screen edges between the case. This is an easy fix for RIM and one might beg to wonder why it was not taken care of before. Fixing this will only serve to impress more people by showing what a well thought out design should look like
  • The next gen Storm would be cool if it had three screens Alla clam shell design. One touch screen on the outside to facilitate using phone and other features without opening clam shell. Two screens inside, one a touch screen for keyboard and various functions. The inside screens should also however combine to make a huge(for a cell phone) screen to play games, watch movies, surf the net or usage of applications.
  • The case should be similar to look and feel of the current Storm. I really like the glossy black with the shiny metal trim. Very sexy/classy look that I get many comments on.


  • All current capabilities are great and should be included. We are here to push the form even further right?
  • The current Storm is pretty responsive, but like any thing else could probably faster. It doesn't matter to me how they(RIM) do it. They could utilize a newer faster CPU or create an awesome new OS.
  • Internal data storage could be way better with a gigantic leap of 100GB harddrive, ramdrive, or new flash ram technology.
  • Hopefully the Verizon 4g mobile network will be up and wide spread coverage available. Next gen storm should not only take advantage of 4g, but wifi and any other wireless data standard. Native wireless tethering to laptop to take advantage of the broadband modem mode.
  • Built-in high quality stereo speakers and standard size stereo headphone jack(maybe two jacks to share with friend). Sound could also benefit from active digital sound processing presets and or equalizer (for speakers and headset).
  • Battery capacity is another area that could be improved by making sure that the battery last at least 8hrs. I'm not saying this lightly. I mean 100% guaranteed 8hr battery life per charge.
  • I would also like to see a friendlier OS, not because I can't figure it out, but because I want to see more people use it. It needs to look friendly and look and spectacular too.
  • Internet browsing needs to be faster and more like browsing on your laptop. A flash video player should be included as well as full java support. I'm probably forgetting other plugins or apps, but I think I have made my point clear.

Well I think that is enough to get us started, I'm sure everyone has some ideas and I would love to hear them. What's the worst that can happen? They listen to us and make their best Blackberry ever. That's what we want. Catch ya later.

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