Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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(letter from teenager)

Mom and Step-dad,

                   Hey ,I'm writing you this note to say please get off my back. I don't like chores. It doesn't teach me anything, and wastes my time. I don't like doing my homework. It doesn't teach me anything and it wastes my time. I don't like the part-time job. It doesn't teach me anything and it wastes my time. I don't need your advice on life's lessons. It doesn't teach me anything and it wastes my  time. I don't like it when you ground me. It doesn't teach me anything and it wastes my time. 

                 By the way the judge said that if my bail gets paid, I can get out of jail before the weekend. I received a letter from my girl. She's pregnant and has agreed to get an abortion. She doesn't want to see me any more because I got mad and hit her when she wouldn't do what I wanted. I can't afford the bail or the abortion. I was expecting my last check after I got fired from my job, but my boss sued  me for the damage I caused because I got mad when he fired me for not coming to work. The judge said that he would set bail only if I re-enroll in high school. Of course I have to go to a different school than my last one because I got mad and assaulted a teacher when they scolded me for not doing the homework. The judge also said that I must enroll in an anger management and substance abuse treatment programs.

                  So I was wondering if you could help me. I don't know if I will be able to pay you back with me going to school,rehab, and anger management and all. It doesn't look like I will have any free time any more. I guess I'm gonna have to do it any way.

                   Saturday is my birthday. I already know what I want, it's a "Playstation Z" console system, and the game "Grand Theft Auto X: Get high and kill everything that moves".  I hope you can come through with the money to pay the bail and my girls operation. I don't like it here in jail. I'm not learning anything and it is a total waste of my time.

                                                                           your son

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