Saturday, June 13, 2009

New OS for Black Berry Storm

This isn't exactly the freshest news, however it needs to be said that this upgrade solves so many problems. So many in fact that I feel this phone is now very close to even with iphone and a tick better than iphone in a few areas. v4.7.0.148 is the version we are talking about. What happened to versions .75 to .147? Anyway I noticed after upgrade, my Storm was much quicker, and the best thing that I noticed right away was that I didn't have to take the battery out and reboot every 4-5 hours (My phone would freeze up and this was the only way to fix this). Believe me rebooting 3 times will run a fully charged battery down to 50% or more(nice). Battery life seems to be a tad better probably due in part to not having to reboot so much. Media performance also seems to work better. This phone is fun again and always gets serious comments from people when they see it. I do more demos than Verizon(it seems like) they should pay me for my services(jus sayin). What people should take away from this post is that the Storm is the phone that they wanted to deliver in the first place.
Having said that there are still some issues. One being that the Storm does not handle memory all that well, or I should say manage. Plan on rebooting at least once during heavy work loads to free up memory and bring the device back to maximum performance. The other problem is a minor annoyance. When tethering to my laptop to use the "modem mode", once in a great while the phone hangs in "modem mode" after disconnecting from internet. Usually the phone will bring it self out of this condition after a few minutes or I will reboot to correct this condition. I give RIM a little wiggle room due to this phone being version 1.0, these problems are little more than minor glitches that should be fixed in Storm version 2 devices.
It's OK to go get a Black Berry Storm. These are great phones that can so many things so well. You can also wait until later this year for the rumored release of Storm 2. Either way In my opinion the Storm is finally ready. Now if we could just fix Verizon customer service more on that later.

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  1. Great article. I had a love/hate relationship with my storm until this recent update. I may now be able to say I like it. I had iPhone envy and sometimes still do but storm is going better. 8^)