Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More on Life with my BB Storm

I can't tell you how happy I have been since upgrading the OS on my Storm to version It has made the phone performance much peppier. Not any where near the amount of battery pulls (also do to installation of Quick Pull app). This device is truly solid now, in my opinion it is better than iphone.
I believe that the storm is better than iphone due to the more open nature of the Blackberry. For instance I subscribe to Vcast-Rhapsody but I am not bound that service. I can use any music service I choose including itunes. I may also elect not to use a service and convert my cd collection to mp3 files and transfer to my Storm.
I can tether to my laptop, for Internet service on the go. I also have my choice of places to get BB Storm apps. Apps can be purchased from BB app World, Crackberry, and other sights as well. This is basically the same experience as my laptop or desktop at my home. I don't need to be kept in a protected bubble From Apple Inc. Some people want or need that type of experience...I do not.
Having given the prior remarks...I still would like to see some much needed improvement in upcoming OS's. With OS 5.0 just around the corner, I would hope that we could get better memory management on the Storm. This would drop the number of quick pulls or battery pulls down to probably 5-10%. That alone would save precious battery life. Speaking of which, maybe a tweak towards better battery life would be better unless you had to take a big hit in performance. Last but not least by any means make sure you give us wifi on the Storm 2.
That my thoughts lately...catch ya later!!!
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  1. Great post! I am thinking of getting a Storm soon this was actually very cool to read someone who like his and that the software IS working.

  2. I'm looking at buying up a used Storm. Might go ahead and do that now.

    Thanks. Love the blog!