Monday, November 23, 2009

Storm still has some problems

Well after installing and using OS 5.0 on my Storm, it seems that the phone is indicating a memory leakage problem. However there doesn't appear to be any performance hits that I am aware of. When I go to the options and select the memory settings app the application memory will decrease constantly until it reaches zero. I've tried everything I can think of including deleting all third party apps...still indicates some sorta memory leak...also completely restored device to factory settings and OS 4.7, then reloading 5.0. I still had same issue, but the phone never slowed down or hang like it used to on OS 4.7. So if the phone works great and very speedy since upgrading to OS 5.0, then I guess I can't complain too much. There is one weird problem that has been reported on most of the BlackBerry blogs/forums. This problem has to do with disappearing App World icon. I'm still working on that one so look for my findings in the near future. Thanks for checking us out and please add your thoughts and experiences....

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  1. Yeah--same problem with memory. I had Quick Pull installed but after I upgraded it and went to 5.0--Quick Pull no longer works. I have a memory wash app but after the memory to -0- thing I had to pull the battery. Sheeessh--one major step forward, several steps backward. Also, I hate the new way 5.0 handles replies to text messages. AND--I can't turn OFF spell check. When I am typing a text or email--it not only spell checks EVERYTHING but ADDS a period frequently and makes the next work caps so I have to go back a lot. Hmmmm... me no like!