Monday, November 23, 2009

Passive Solar Heaters

Just a funny story to pass on to my friends. Those of you that know me better than my bio info know that I dabble in solar and wind power projects. Most of these projects are for personal use such as the passive solar heaters I devised. Made of card board, and shaped as a wide "U" shape open on top and bottom, painted black on one side. The heater was stretched across a window that receives most of the day's sun(black side toward sun). These heater were the ugliest things ever, but they worked. They worked too well in fact. I succeeded in heating our bedroom to around 85 F with an outdoor temp of approximately 34 F and furnace set to 68 F. Not bad free energy, but it is hard to breath in a room that hot....hee hee! Wife hated them so much she tore them down. Well now its the beginning of winter here and she wants me to put them back together again and re-install them...Hmmmmmm. I guess the story isn't that funny, but it was to me. Guess you had to be there and hear all the guff I took for their appearance and the fact that too much heat could be generated and now she's cold again and suddenly its a good idea again. Oh hell what are ya gonna do? Catch ya later...

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